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Heading Flames Warming the world

Learning about stoves in the developed world.

Japan is a very long, thin country which means that there is a big temperature difference from North to South. In particular the Tsugaru Strait off Hokkaido has a very different ecosystem.
Hokkaido was settled by pioneers 150 years ago. Initially getting through the harsh winter was the biggest challenge. People only had simple fireplaces to keep the cold away.

The saviour from the extreme cold came in the form of wood burning stoves that were piled up in cargo ships from the United Kingdom.
That was the first time that Japanese people had come into contact with stoves.
We should learn about the fireplace and its instruments from countries with a history of using them, so that we can use real firewood as well as pellets.

Our job is to provide Chimneys, Stoves & Biomass (firewood & pellets)

  • From construction to cleaning up, our 30 years of experience in the business will give you peace of mind.
  • A real wood-burning stove, feel the warmth and comfort of the latest pellet stove.
  • We will deliver fine natural firewood and high quality pellets.

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Exterior of our building

Showroom of our building


Our shop building has yellow color with a wooden figure of the chimney sweep. If you can’t find, please contact us.

We display real wood-burning stoves and pellet stoves Please come in.

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Company name Entotsu No Yokoyama Ltd.
Address 〒070-8041 Hokkaido, Asahikawa-shi,Chuwa 3 Jo 7-3-8 Japan
Contact Tel 0166-61-1670 Fax 0166-61-1872
Email okushita♥entotuya.com ※Please replace "♥" sign with "@"
Director Aiji Yokoyama
Establiched 1986
Seevices Install and sell wood burning stoces and pellet stoves.
Chimney sweet. making of chimneys and installation
sell biomass (fire wood and pellets)

Please refer willingly

every Chimney sweep and installation ・we sell wood burning stoves and pellet stoves ・Installation ・maintenance ・Biomass sellers (fire wood and pellets) TEL 0166-61-1670 〒070-8043
Hokkaido, Asahikawa-shi,Chuwa 3 Jo 7-3-8 Japan
Opening hours AM 9:00 ― PM6:00 (Monday ― Satady)

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